Radio Technology & Walkie Talkies

Radio technology is alive and will remain to do so in the foreseeable future, despite attacks launched on it by modern generation technology such as the internet that allows us to communicate via Voice over the Internet Protocol (VoIP). It has resisted the onslaught of smartphones that allows individuals from most parts of the world to communicate with each other for low costs and, on many occasions for free, with the help of special applications such as instant messengers. In fact, many people still depend on 2 way radios to communicate with each other. They also depend on the standard radio to listen to news to update themselves about the latest information.

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Who needs radios?

You might be wondering why someone needs radio when they can contact each other via VoIP software or through smartphones? You need to remember that both these gadgets depend on special types of power to function. You need a steady source of power in case of computers, especially the laptop. Power lines snap and remain unusable for several days or even weeks when the power supply gets down to in case of a natural disaster, such as earthquakes, cyclones, and heavy rain accompanied with high speed wind. The best smartphones do not run for more than two days of normal use, much less, if you use it to initiate video calls. Once its battery conks out, you can recharge it again if you have a power bank. However, you cannot last more than four days with a combination of power banks and smartphones. In such situations, the radio is your best friend.

Laptops are no solution too

It is worse for individuals who depend on their laptop for communicating when the power goes off. Laptops typically run for a couple of hours on a full charge before one need to connect them to the power supply for recharging. Apart from this, mobile phones will not work if the signal towers in their vicinity are damaged due to typhoons or storms. The towers too depend on a power supply that depends on the main power supply for recharging its battery. In the event of a power blackout, the batteries can survive for 7 hours or so before they too stop working.

walkie talkie is the saviour

In such situations, the walkie talkie or the 2 way radios perform uninterruptedly, as they work on AA battery cells, readily available in most stores. Once the power of a set of AA batteries has exhausted, replace them with a fresh set to resume communication. As the walkie talkie does not depend on signal towers, one can use them even if no such towers are present in the vicinity. These gadgets are also used for communicating in railways (where the guard communicates with the driver), in ships, and in construction sites as well. The next time you plan to go on a hiking trip or are sure that a severe storm is approaching, arm yourself with the 2 way radios and extra sets of batteries to ensure that you can communicate uninterruptedly with the outside world even when the power supply remains off for several days.